Global Reach

Inspiring students around the world to design for social impact

Students anywhere in the world can enter the RSA Student Design Awards, and we work with global partners in countries outside the UK to grow and deliver the Awards internationally.

The RSA Student Design Awards is based in the UK, but we welcome entries from students and new graduates anywhere in the world. Last year we received entries from 19 countries across 4 continents, and over recent years the winning and shortlisted entries have come from countries including Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Hong Kong, Australia and the United States.

We are seeking global delivery partners to grow the RSA Student Design Awards internationally. Partners will receive capacity building from the RSA team to integrate the globally-relevant RSA briefs at Universities in their region, and to deliver region-specific prizes and awards ceremonies.

If you are interested in becoming a global partner and finding out more about our international activity, get in touch.

Global participation 2015/16

Global Stories

Kenneth Lee, Hong Kong“I would like to thank the RSA for running this competition and to the judges for awarding me as a winner. It was a wonderful surprise and an honour to be recognised for my work. While the pursuit for awards and accolades has never been a motivation for me, this vote of confidence shall nonetheless serve as a reminder to me to continue to work hard and contribute to the creative industry and the society.”

Maria Virshych, Spain“I did a BA in Architecture, but after 3 years of work experience I decided to further my education and began an MA in Design Research and Experimentation. I was surprised by the variety of challenges design can tackle. I felt incredible inspired by the RSA Student Design Award briefs - the topics are all so challenging and stem from such important issues it was difficult to choose!”

Jan Rosicky, Czech Republic“Through the RSA Student Design Awards, I have had the possibility to meet very inspiring people, strengthen my network and learn a range of valuable skills and insights. When speaking to people about my RSA project, I was offered a job at a bank in the innovation department and my RSA project ‘M’ gained traction from the oldest Czech bank. I am inspired by the speed of and advancement of technology, especially regarding smart sensors, sorftware and 3D printing. We are living in wonderful times!”

Simon Van Pottelbergh, Belgium“I’m now doing my Masters of Product Design in Ghent and the most surprising aspect of my course is the challenge of prototyping and modelling a project. I think the best advice is to believe in your RSA project, even though it is tough, it is always worth a try!”